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5 Amazing Perks of Sugar Dating

A sugar dating relationship is one which involves an old financially stable man, dubbed the sugar daddy, and a young beautiful woman, known as the sugar baby. Although not your normal kind of dating, this type of dating has garnered mainstream popularity in the past few decades. Unlike yesteryears, old successful men now feel proud and comfortable displaying their sugar babies to any eye which care to see. In this kind of relationship, the sugar daddy is known to provide virtually all the needs of the sugar baby...Read More >>

Sugar Dating for Guys

Even though ladies are the gender usually stereotyped with sugar dating, it still no surprise that guys are part of the bandwagon.

The sugar dating trend has become more popular, thus attracting more people regardless of what gender. Although men and women are both participant in this rather unusual form of courting, there is no sort of competition between both sex...Read More >>

Why College Students Venture Into Date A Sugar Daddy?

Recently, a lot of female students venture into Sugar Daddy dating relationship, this article uses the Cambridge University female students as a case study. At Cambridge University, more female students are involved in sugar daddy dating compared to many other British universities. As reported by Seeking Arrangement, over 168 Cambridge students enrolled on U .S Sugar daddy dating website that pairs beautiful young sugar babies who are seeking older men with affluence...Read More >>

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